Tracey Haslam

CEO / Owner

In 2017, Tracey retired from a successful career as a top-level executive for Honeywell International and then as Harris CapRock Communications’ CEO to seek opportunities that have an impact on the safety and well-being of the earth and its communities. Electronics recycling provided the perfect opportunity for her to apply her background in strategy and process solutions, which led to her acquiring an electronics recycler in March of 2018.

The acquisition of a company in the electronics recycling industry allows her to both protect the local environment from the harmful hazardous waste that electronics can produce and be a mentor for young men and woman considering a career-path focusing on sustainability, the circular economy, and environmental preservation.

Desiring to have a bigger impact, Tracey is now the  CEO of Atlanta Recycling Solutions, LLC. Atlanta Recycling Solutions’ responsible recycling culture, service offerings and business practices align with her commitment to protect the environment.